Eleanor turns 1!

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Eleanor's first birthday was on June 9, 2015. Oh, how blessed and grateful we are to celebrate this first year of her amazing life!

Eleanor Grace turned 1 on June 9, 2015. Oh, what a wonderful way to wake up and celebrate this precious life, as compared to the trepidation and worry we felt on this morning of her birth one year ago, knowing that this first birthday was in no way a guarantee. We thank God for you every day, Eleanor!

She didn't get much solo time to open her presents without her big sister “helper.”

I wondered how long it would take big sis to realize the presents and attention of this day were not completely directed at her (hard to come down from a birthday high just 2 days earlier). It didn't take long…

What's a great way to spend the morning of your 1st birthday? At the doctor's office for your big sister's 3yo check-up. This is how I survive most doctor visits by myself with the girls: snacks for Eleanor and a sticker book for Lila.

Probably her favorite of the birthday gifts: her own smartphone.

Lila quickly recovered and was a super-helper and so cheerful with Eleanor throughout the rest of the present-opening.

Testing our her new blocks

already addicted to checking her phone. ;-)

again, the phone!

First taste of something sweet!

I think she likes it! This girl definitely has a sweet tooth like her mama. Probably why I was craving Hershey's Kisses when I was pregnant with her!!

Last of the monthly photos: 12 Months!

Her hair really started growing and coming in blonder and blonder at this point.

Day after her birthday was Eleanor's 1-year check-up at Batson's Children's Hospital in Jackson with her pediatric cardiologist. It had been since November, so quite a long stretch, so we were relieved and thankful that all still looks wonderful with her heart.

We rang the bell on the door of the PCICU unit to see if any of the nurses who worked with Eleanor were back there and could come out to visit. We got to see a couple, but we were especially happy that Spencer was working. Usually, the nurses rotated babies after every 2 days or 2 nights shifts, but Spencer spent 4 days in a row with Eleanor post-surgery. She was the one who moved Eleanor up to the recovery floor from the PCICU. She said it made her week to see Eleanor growing and doing so well.

Lunch at Wendys after a busy morning at the clinics, with a view of Batsons in the background.

The hospital where Eleanor was born and her life was saved one year ago.

We brought cupcakes to celebrate Eleanor's 1st birthday at her Mommie & Me class.

with a few of Eleanor's first friends from M&M. Happy birthday, my darling!

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