Party Time!

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Lila's “Daniel Tiger”-themed 3rd birthday party and Eleanor's heart-themed 1st birthday party on June 13, 2015.

Lila wanted to be such a big helper in the days of preparation leading up to her and Eleanor's joint birthday parties. While Eleanor napped, Lila helped Mommy in the kitchen. Here making (and sampling) some “tiger tail” pretzels to go with the theme of her favorite “Daniel Tiger” birthday party theme.

On another morning, making (and again sampling) “tiger parfaits.” Thank God for PBS making so many great ideas free online–there were great food, game, and decoration ideas that I used for the “Daniel Tiger” theme.

Party Day! She LOVED her Daniel Tiger cake. I can't take credit for making this one. I did everything else, but I figured that a Daniel Tiger cake was above my ability level. One of our friends and neighbors, Becka, has just opened a bakery business and she did an excellent job!

All ready for our guests! I thought it would be best to combine Lila and Eleanor's parties into one day, so that it would make it easier for guests coming and since their birthdays are just 2 days apart. However, I learned from this go-round that next time the parties will have to have the same theme. Because with two themes (Lila: Daniel Tiger; Eleanor: heart-themed), I basically ended up prepping for TWO parties on the same day, which was super-overwhelming! Although I'm happy I did it this time because I wanted Eleanor to have her own special theme for her first birthday.

Eleanor's 12-month pictures displayed by her heart cupcakes.

pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (these were made by mama)

Grandma and Grandpa Southwood made it for the girls' parties. So happy to have them here!

Waiting (somewhat) patiently for her guests to arrive.

We thought we'd have a lot more guests than we ended up having, which I've also learned is the problem with summertime birthdays. So many of our friends here were out of town on vacation.

We set up this Daniel Tiger coloring station, and Lila became totally focused on coloring in the lines at this particular moment. Since her birthday party, she has been fairly obsessed with coloring pictures with markers and crayons, and I can look back at this day and say this is when she started really showing a talent and interest in it.

Our little climber exploring the new chairs brought out for the occasion.

Hilarious moment: friend and neighbor Colin (a few weeks younger than Eleanor but much bigger) being pushed around on the riding toy by Eleanor. She also would do this with her older sister.

cake time!

sweet gifts from friends

a “Daniel Tiger” board game!!!

gift time for Eleanor

now this girl's turn for cake!

#1 cupcake


Apparently this is the way Eleanor eats a cupcake! Interesting approach…


The next day, we celebrated Grandma Southwood's upcoming birthday (with a little slice of leftover “Daniel Tiger” cake!).

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