June 2015

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Did you think I had forgotten about this blog?! Not forgotten, but just got caught up in our busy lives…now trying to slowly catch up and write down them memories for myself from the past 6 months, eek!

A pretty typical lunchtime look for a 1yo

several of our gifts for the girls for their birthday involved ways to be outside during summer and stay cool. Pretty much the only way I can get them outside in the Mississippi humidity is if there's water involved.

This little water pad was a bit smaller than I had wanted, and it didn't keep Eleanor still for long…

“Musical Petting Zoo” at the Hattiesburg Zoo. A wonderful event!

trying out some cool instruments

sure, I'll pet a snake while I'm at it.

After seeing this, I'm even more committed to get this girl started on some music lessons soon.

Eleanor with her birthday buddy Jayden

These lilies in our front yard bloomed again this year in June on the same day as when my Grandma Southwood passed away last year. She would have loved them.

Fun new toys arrived in a box, but the packaging is more fun.

Eleanor at 12 months is cruising very confidently around pieces of furniture, and at this point in mid-June she started walking around the house when standing up being this push toy (of course I got video of it but not a very good still picture!). Close to walking and getting lots of good practice.

Lila got to go back to the USM Children's Center for a 2 week summer session in June, and here she is on her last day with Miss Hannah at the Children's Center. At this point, we had decided it would be best for her to move to 2x weekly speech sessions at the local primary school next year where they would target more the articulation sounds she needs to work on (she's come so far with her language recently; it's really just some specific sounds she's still improving). We will sure miss the wonderful staff at the Children's Center!

They had a “splash day” for the students on their last day.

With her sweet buddy from her class, Elijah.

My friend Lindsey took some beautiful photos for Eleanor's 1-year-pictures.

This bow didn't last too long, ha!

Lila was not really into pictures, having been woken up from a nap in the car, so this was the only one we could get of all four of us. Pretty much sums up life these days!

Not only does Eleanor suck her thumb with her right hand, but she also simultaneously twirls her hair with her left hand. So messy dinners usually end up in her hair, like this. :-O

Lila drew a portrait of our family.

Starting to stand up a bit more independently, this is Eleanor's first visit to our favorite splashpad at the Zoo (which would soon become her obsession).

Feeding time at the zoo for our massive gator friend.

Eleanor wearing the beautiful hand-smocked dress sewn by my Great-Aunt Eleanor (Ellie) Watson.

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Jay Boggess 3 years, 5 months ago

Nice upbeat series!

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