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Last of our trip to California and a few more from our July in Hattiesburg

While in California, Lila got to have her hair cut at one of those kids-only specialized hair salons, watching Frozen on her own personal screen.

enjoying the lovely, humidity-free California summer eveningtime for dinner on the patio

little rascal

with Aunt Mina

smiles for cousin MIchelle

last night in California fun at a local carnival with Michelle and cousin Katie

Since her 3rd birthday, Lila had become really focused and interested in coloring, doing a wonderful job coloring in the lines. She colored about 20 of these large Dora sheets while we were in California (the eyes always turned out a bit zombie-like!!). :)

Back home in Hattiesburg, finger-painting

and back to the backyard pool to cool off!

we do get some spectacular sunsets from our backyard

necessary Fro-Yo trip in the Mississippi summer

This smile just kills me

Superhero Day at our local library featured some local law enforcement and military heroes.

with her buddy Lincoln, sitting in the drivers seat of a firetruck

It was a HOT day, nearly unbearable to be out on the pavement of that parking lot for long.

We had planned to go meet our friends at their neighborhood pool, but that got canceled because of bad weather. So we decided to bring the “pool” inside and have a pool party in Eleanor's room. Don't ask me what these diapers were doing on their heads, though.

At a playdate with Lila's friend Lincoln and Eleanor's friend Colin, these two littles disappeared all of a sudden and we found them in the back room, cuddled up on this little loveseat.

I actually got ponytails on both girls at the same time and they lasted at least long enough for me to snap a picture! A rare occasion!

At the end of her 13 months, Eleanor took her first couple of steps alone. I have video but not a picture of that actual moment. She continued to love to walk around more and more confidently with this shopping cart, which worked really well as a walker because the wheels would turn 360 degrees. Soon she would be off walking more and more confidently, and giving Mommy lots more heart attacks!!

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