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We went to the aquarium with some friends today. Aurelia was very interested in just about everything, and especially like the jellies and the big tanks.

This evening Aurelia did two new baby signs, “cookie” (animal cracker) and duck!

Lately Arden has been getting very frustrated when I reprimand him, put him or his toys in time out, or make him leave the room. Usually it's because he's pushed Aurelia over, taken her toys, sat on her, put something on her, or otherwise ignored me telling him to stop, or broken a rule. Anyway, he just yells, cries, or screams at me. In the past week or two he's started saying, “Bad mommy!” to me too, and today he added, “Bad mommy, stupid mommy!”

I'm not sure where he got that from, but he sat in time out for it, then I explained what it meant, and how it made me feel. And that it was unacceptable to say to friends and family.

But then he said it again in the afternoon. I was more upset since I had explained what it meant. I know he's just trying to do something when he's feeling angry, frustrated, and doesn't feel like he has any control. But it still sucks.

At the touch tank.

With her namesake jellies! She loved them.

At the ray and shark touch pool. Arden loves to touch them, though the sharks swim too deep for him to reach.

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