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Yesterday, after a morning of shopping, Aurelia took a 4 hour nap! She woke up after only an hour, but after I nursed her and gave her some pain meds, she fell back to sleep for another 3 hours! It was so nice to have that much time to make dinner, work on projects, and have one on one time with Arden.

Luckily she didn't go to bed late, but she was up from 1-2am, 2:30-3am, and 4:15-4:30, and then up for the day at 6:45am! Ugh.

This morning I got Aurelia to blow a kiss to Matt before he left for work! It was so cute!

Arden has been very difficult today. This morning he kept breaking rules, taking things from Aurelia, knocking her over, etc. So I kept telling him to stop, and putting him in timeout. He got really upset each time, refusing to sit in timeout. I hate that I try SO hard to talk to him, explain his actions and the consequences, and he still flips out. In the middle of one of these attempts at talking to him, he called me a bad mommy again, and then a stupid mommy. For the second time today. I grabbed him (to put him in his room for a no-attention timeout, as I had told him would happen), and his head hit the corner post of the stairs. He now has an egg and a bruise and my mommy guilt is terrible.

I am at my wit's end with him! I have no idea how to get him to be nicer to Aurelia, how to respect her as a person, be more careful when he's playing with her (he knocks her down multiple times a day), how to follow the rules, listen to me…etc etc…sounds like a list of fantasy ideas for the perfect 3 year old. le sigh.

She loves to read books! Turning pages is the best.

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