by Babyh March. 08, 2013 504 views

Today It suddenly occurred to mean that I have been expecting for months for Aurelia to start dropping feedings, but she continues to nurse about 6 times a day and at night if she wakes. Well she hasn't dropped any feedings because she doesn't have any teeth, so even though she eats with us at every meal and snacks, she's not able to eat as much as she would need and the best bang for her buck (in terms of calories and nutrients) is breastmilk without a doubt. Arden was sprouting molars by the time he was a year old so this is all very odd to me!

At bath last night, head stuck putting on his shirt.

Bubble beard–Aurelia thinks is hilarious.

Pushing a toy car–been doing this for a week or two.

Giggling at crazy Arden.

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