Birthday Celebration!

by Babyh March. 10, 2013 424 views

I have way more than the 5 photos I can share here from today, but these are a few of my favorites.

We had a small, *very* low key, casual family gathering with Grandma Carol, Mark, Grandpa Paul, Great-Grandma McClure, Uncle Chris, Andrea and her daughter Katie. We played at a park for about an hour, opened presents, then went to Jason's Deli to eat, and we bought Aurelia a strawberry shortcake (she only got about two bites since it was shared).

This past week she has gotten better and better about using her signs and responding to yes or no questions (by nodding or shaking her head)! It is SO awesome to communicate with her, and get her opinion on things. Baby signs are one of the best ideas ever!

Opening a few presents at home. I got a token gift for Arden, but he still had a pretty rough time restraining himself from immediately opening and playing with all the gifts. We got her a small duplo set, a pink/purple truck, and a train car–all things they both can play with and enjoy.

Opening presents at the park, Arden was distracted by playing, so we didn't have any issues. Aurelia loves her Lulu the Ladybug Girl doll!

She was very serious until we put her in the swing, then she has a blast! Such a happy girl.

Arden loves the swings too :-)

My brother grabbed the camera, took some sweet shots.

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