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by Babyh March. 11, 2013 337 views

We were supposed to have a showing this morning. They never showed up, to my intense frustration! It drives me crazy when a realtor doesn't have the common decency to cancel, or let us know they will be late, or reschedule. I have small children! Getting the house in excellent showing condition is hard, keeping it that way, while I wait for you to *maybe* come by later, is impossible.

Luckily it was a nice day to play at the park, and the house is super clean now…so the morning wasn't a complete waste.

On top of that, Aurelia was awake from 12am-2:30am. And then with the time change Arden was up and at'em way earlier then I wanted to peel my eye lids open. I got about 5 hours of sleep, so it was a major coffee day.

This time, for the time change, we started on Friday putting the kids to bed a little earlier…and then tonight it all fell apart and everyone was a grump. Arden did finally fall asleep at a decent time, but Aurelia stayed awake until nearly 9:30pm.

For the past many days/nights Aurelia has had a hard, if not impossible, time sleeping without pain killers. I try everything else first–amber necklaces, homeopathics, essential oils, chew toys…and then in desperation to get her to sleep, some baby advil or tylonol. I hate to give it to her 2-3 times a day, but it has been rough, especially at night! Where is this tooth?! Sheesh.

Making tracks/roads at the park with a toy car.

Between a diaper change and bath. Tiles too cold to crawl on properly.

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