Arden Writings

by Babyh April. 03, 2013 366 views

While I was making lunch today, Arden was coloring (on a page from Andrea, who told him to put his name on it). At some point he said, “I drew an A!” I went to look and sure enough he had! I asked if he was writing his name and he said yes. I had to help him remember which letters came next, and sometimes I had to draw one for him to remember what it looks like, but all these he did on his own!! In about a half an hour he went from writing a few letters wherever to writing his full name in the right order and direction (plus drawing trucks around them).

The first A is at the bottom right, then he wrote a B, instead of an R, then a R, E and N. I told him they needed to be next to each other to be his name, so he drew a line through them to connect them. Then he rotated the paper and tried again (top left), the letters are next to each other and in the right order, but some are backwards.

Then he turned over the paper and wrote his name again (next to a street sweeper).

I got out a new paper, and he wrote his name again, then wanted a new word to write. He started with Daddy, but then tried Hoffman.

He turned the paper over, and wrote Hoffman, then Michael, then Arden. Then drew a truck around them.

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