A Walk on the Wild Side Cont.

by Kevin Shea May. 12, 2020 207 views

As promised, here is the follow up to my previous post. Wildcat Den State Park is located about an hour Southeast of Iowa City in Muscatine County, near the Mississippi River. When you think Iowa, you likely think rolling hills and corn fields. 90% of the time you'd be right, but Wildcat Den State Park is definitely an exception . Upon entering the park, it felt as if we were transported to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. A plethora of lush green ferns, moss, and other flora thrive throughout the park. The parks signature features are the numerous winding canyons and cliffs which tower over you at heights of almost 80ft. The cliffs are composed of sandstone and estimated to be around 300 million years old.


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Lisa Derocher 1 year ago

The color is amazing! I want to visit there now!

1 year ago Edited
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