Statue 4 / Marshal Choibalsan /

by Bagabandi July. 26, 2007 6588 views

Marshal Choibalsan's statue located front of National University of Mongolia. His founded NUM on 1941.

Khorloogiin Choibalsan (Mongolian: Хорлоогийн Чойбалсан; February 8, 1895–January 26, 1952) was the Communist leader of the Mongolian People's Republic from the 1930s until his death.

Choibalsan originally trained as a lamaist monk. He made contact with Russian revolutionaries when he travelled to Siberia. He founded his first revolutionary organisation in 1919 and in 1921 joined up with Damdin Sükhbaatar to form the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. After Soviet Red Army forces entered Urga in 1921 and promoted the establishment of a pro-Soviet government, Choibalsan became deputy war minister.

In following years Choibalsan came to dominate his country's leadership and by about 1940 his position was unrivalled in his own country. He served both as head of state (Chairman of the Presidium of the State Little Hural, 1929 - 1930) and head of government (Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars, 1939 - 1952). He is sometimes accorded the military rank of Marshal.

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