Mashed Brain

by Balkizz March. 10, 2009 3168 views

Someone just emailed me screaming, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO YOUR BLOG?!”

Err… I deleted it? Eheh… eheh…

I thought I was going to die on Saturday last week since my cat, Bandit, suffocated me with his hairy ass (he sat on my face while I was sleeping) and woke up feeling all crappy and such and decided, fuck all this, delete blog.

That was the story.

Besides, I’ve nothing much to write anymore. After 2 years and a half of writing bagshit of waste to entertain a bunch of moronic people who keep on coming for more, blogging is no longer fun. Readers become demanding and asking personal questions that irked me.

That just shows fame is so not for me.

So I opened up this photoblog instead! It’s easier that way since taking photo is my passion now. Not that I’m great at it. Still learning now actually. Feel free to criticize it as so I can learn my mistakes.

That’s all for now. Later days!

Handmade mask sold in KK, Sabah market

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Balkizz 8 years, 2 months ago

you're not one of THEM moron la... hahahha I forgot your blog link. I wanted to tell you bout my moving here but thank god you found me instead. Cheers!

8 years, 2 months ago Edited