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"Life is like a camera,
you focus on what's important,
capture the good times,
develop from the negative,
and if things don't work out
take another shot."

The camera is a daily simple tool for me, and I have a lot of snapshots, because I deal preservation of the settlement's character. The different spatial situations and the human relations are mutually reflect each other. How do changing these time to time? What are the areas where we play? How do, and why we play? My blog shows the all important questions, what are in my personal attention nowadays.
When invited me my best friend into the PB, I had no idea that the distance between us will be reduced to simply a matter, when we can see each other's photos. Each image is only single in the burst, and not the whole, not a completeness - together allow the expression of the essence, and to move closer to each other on different points of view, I think.
Majority of my shots made in Hungary, because live here. Look at my entries, enjoy the game, and just go on! Do something what you feel to be important and don't expect others to fill the gaps!
Thanks for visiting my PB!
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