06-30-2010 The green and the magenta really work well together in this photo. I also like the more organic shape of the flower with the linear shape of the…

I had to shoot at a high iso because of lower lighting, so this image is a little grainy. I like all the different textures on this flower.

I liked the two blades of grass and the sharp focus on both the bee and the grass. I also liked the green grass with the purple flowers in the foreground.

I loved the repetition of yellow on the fly and the flowers and I also liked the spot of red on the eyes.

I liked the radiating spires, the moist texture in the center of the plant and the soft wispy parts on the edges of the frame.

I was able to get to just the right angle to catch the beautiful blues and teals in the feathers and the reflection of this magpie.

I liked the watercolor like feel of the colors on the wood and the little pop of green on the leaves.

This photo had great textural clarity. I like the details in the darkest part of the flower I also like the delicate lines of yellow in the petals.

I liked the delicate white petals with the pink veins and the yellow and greens on the center part of the flower.

The rain always brings out bright vibrant colors in the bark of this tree. I liked the abstract shapes and bright colors.
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