I loved the spiny shape and repeating pattern of the red and magenta flower against the emerald green of the background. -September Monthly Reflection- I want…

I loved how the yellow leaf in the background mimicked the curve of the web and the vibrate colors that contrast with the white of the web.

I liked the paintbrush like stroke of orange sand and the contrast of the blue-black color of the chard wood.

I love the fall colors developing on the leaf and its pointed end with the contrast of the textured background of green leaves.

I liked the wind swept asymmetrical shape of the flower and the crisscrossing soft green foliage in the background.

I loved the reflection of the inner part of the flower on the droplets and the texture of the petals.

I liked the tight cropping and the smooth green surface with the rough texture on the top of the nut/seed.

I liked the lace-like texture of the decaying section of the leaf and the different color layers of the leaves.

I loved the gooey slim bubbles oozing out of this plant and the different stripes of colors in the background.
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