Volcano islands

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Isla de Ometepe - our break. A beatiful island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua, a perfect place to do nothing. Though other travellers described it as rainy, muddy, too much mosquitoes, and a stolen passport, we still decided to go and ended up staying a week on the island. Because of heavy rains just a day before we took the ferry there a massive landslide had come down volcan Concepcion, leaving over 400 families homeless in the town we first arrived to. A local guy who drove us further south on the island first took us to see the damage the landslide had done to the roads, the homes, the people and the community. After that we sat quiet the rest of the drive. Here we were going to spend a relaxing week on the beach doing nothing but sipping fruit smoothies while people right next to us were living as refugees. Eh… so we did that for a few days, nothing. And then we returned to the damaged town and asked what we can do to help.

The island had treated us well, so we wanted to give something back. With the help of a local girl and some other travellers we decided on buying food supplies to hand out to the families, as that was what they needed the most. And then we left the town, hoping the help will get through were it is supposed to. In the end we gave back more than we wanted as it turned out somebody had gone through our backpacks, either at the restaurant where we left them while we were buying the food for the people or in the bus when leaving town. Luckily we only lost one cellphone, a headset and a loudspeaker. Nothing we can´t live without, but still it´s funny how sometimes karma seems to fail you big time.

Isla de Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua. On the left the active volcano Concepcion and on the right volcano Maderas

Playa Santo Domingo, volcan Concepcion

Playa Santo Domingo with volcan Maderas in the background. Local fishermen fishing at the shore and “our” dog Rocky guardning his territory.

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Dany 6 years, 12 months ago

Ces belles prises de vues, me donne envie de partir voir ce petit paradis.

6 years, 12 months ago Edited
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