Pine trail, Patvinsuo National Park

by Banana Pirates October. 19, 2016 1315 views

Today, for the first time we visited Patvinsuo National Park in North Karelia, about an hour away from our home. Out of many trails, we decided on a short 5 km Mäntypolku Trail which basically means "Pine trail". On the way you learn everything there is to know about Pine trees, and  the fishermen's sauna from the 19th century among many other things on the way tells stories about war history and how people in North Karelia used to live in the past. If you're lucky the trail offers you more and less rare birds to spot, and you'll probably also meet a few curious ones. And even in the late autumn, in +4 degrees Celcius you can find yourself on a one of the sandy beaches of Lake Suomunjärvi.

Pirate J just learned how to calculate the age of a pine tree...

A curious great tit

The fishermen's sauna from the 19th century. The oldest building left at the National Park

Kuikkaniemi Bay, beach at Lake Suomunjärvi

Ghost forest

Traditional Finnish - Karelian pies at the campfire

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