this is our world

by Basirseerat May. 07, 2008 4890 views

This is my world , me and my family Levies here, walk here and feel pain here, do you know where is here? Here is Afghanistan.

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In2photography 10 years, 12 months ago

great depth of field. composition is good too..

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Marco Castagnaro 11 years ago


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Ana A. Negru 11 years ago


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Noneother 11 years ago

Wow! Thank you for sharing. Your photos are very captivating!

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Marco Stefano Vitiello 11 years ago

[b]don't loose hope that your beautiful country will be back to its own splendor in peace !!! :):):)[/b]

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Jody Moore 11 years ago

I hope I will always be able to see the beauty in every person, no matter what our enviroment , and whats happening around us. she is so beautiful and the colors are amazing.

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Stephanie Casey 11 years ago

Thank you for the comment. It's much appreciated. I enjoyed your photo as well on your most recent entry. Makes me feel helpless as I'm not sure what to say other than there is no where to go but back up at this point as it feels as though things have hit rock bottom.

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Mertxe 11 years ago

the place is beautiful as part of the world, I feel sad because of the problems there, I wish i could help so none of you needed to feel pain
a big hug for all of you

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Neal Panton 11 years ago

Great shot.

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Bhim 11 years ago


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Thomaschu 11 years ago

For the photo, I love the color and DoF.
For the mesage, it is very thought provoking !
I really want to know more about your country. Wait for the next posts! :)

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Barry Sheehan 11 years ago

Beautiful composition and lovely colours (but I think a little to saturated on my monitor).

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Onrush 11 years ago

Thank you very much. :)
Your photos are best too...^^

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Disney 11 years ago

Excellent shot Basir..!!!!

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Guadalupe 11 years ago

your photographs are made from the heart
it´s really sensible

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Freyja 11 years ago

A so meaningful shot, thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

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Mintra 11 years ago

Wonderful post...beautiful shot.

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Oriane 11 years ago

A wonderful pic !

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Princessyshieda 11 years ago

I love this pic. I could feel her. I could sense her heart, her feeling and her heartbeat...I like it so much. I love it.

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Lotofoto 11 years ago

This is an amazing photo! I absolutely love it. What a wonderful work.

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Shruti 11 years ago


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Hasnae 11 years ago

Nice photo.
Afghanistan must be beautiful
Morocco is beautiful too :-)

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Dzmitry Samakhvalau 11 years ago

the shot is very nice, but your world looks very small. probably, you have some other shots to present it

11 years ago Edited
Jakub 11 years ago

I used to think that poverty and living in state of emergency cannot have such beautifull colours. Great.

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