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by Basquin October. 25, 2008 5587 views

These photos are by Christopher Schmelz from Germany, taken in 2008 from my latest photography project, which is an exchange of images taken over a period of time on a disposable and sent back to me.

Contact sheet of chris' images.

Chris, “We could hear loud noise and see a lot of polizei, so went to investigate. We walked into the middle of a demonstration in Kreuzburg, so decided to take part.”

Chris, “Across the street at Dorfplatz, the front of XB Liebig, a squatted autonomous space used for bars/parties , meetings and info tours/events.”

Chris, “The front door of the house project I lived in, in Berlin. I lived with 28 people, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rats. We shared 4 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and 4 floors.”

Chris. “This room is part of a flat that was recently renovated; the previous occupants were evicted in order for this to happen. This space is now being squatted; this is the result of one very large party.” Some graffiti, particularly the little men walking to their doom, in the words of Mr Lif…… we all are being murdered by a similiar process whether you work at the candy store or slave at the office the purpose of our life is just to serve the economy they misinform our minds to paint a picture of harmony but if you listen in you know the shits out of tune because the function of our life is just to work and consume fuck reaching out to help the next their aint any room just close your eyes and block your ears and march to your doom….

Chris, “Hazard tape on smashed window.”

Chris, “Every second Monday our house holds a soli-bar in a neighbouring project's squatted bar in order to raise money for legal costs. We make ‘Voku’ Volks kuchen or people's kitchen, cheap vegan food, and see it for 2 Euros; we sell beer and make cocktails too.”

Chris, “This is the view from our (Kate and I) other window in our room on the 4th floor showing the contrast between House project culture and capitalism; the latter urging landlords to oust tenants of the former in order to cash in on a higher rent or sale.”

Chris, “This is the view from our (Kate and I) bed in our room on the fourth floor. Our neighbours across the street are an all woman/lesbian/transgender house project. The ground floor on the right hand side is the ‘Info Laden’ info shop open to the public offering information about anarchism, autonomous living, gender repression and info about and against facism.”

Chris, “A photo of my flatmate with stencil and paint (we were on our way to a solidarity party for refugees/immigrants of a language school to help pay their fees).”

Chris, “oh yeah and an attempt to photograph a banner between our two houses (defend free spaces), a banner left over from a reclaim the streets party we had.”

Chris, “The landlords/owners don't want us here; their lawyers and the polizei try their best to get us out. This house has been repainted over and over again, thus the result every time (note; if you take an old light bulb and take off the metal thread, you can fill it with paint and get at those hard to reach places.”

Chris, “More photos of graffiti in our street.”

Chris, “Pushed over pink portaloo, Warschauer Strasse.”

Chris, “On the way home I found this, so I got down on my knees and elbows and voila! U.S. Anus. I found it quite amusing (any flag would do).”

Chris, “protest poster. As I was walking through another district of Berlin (Kruezburg) I could hear loud music and saw a shit load of cops. We walked randomly into a demonstration against ”Media Spree“. They are the big company behind most of the big development/gentrification of the city. So I joined the march which had a few hundred involved and as always a shit tonne of cops. Things got a bit tense as the cops tried to assert their dominance on some young kids, and a fight broke out, the cops backed off, then they all put on their helmets and no more was attempted but a lot said.”

Chris, “The front banner of the demonstration, It says something about sinking Media Spree.”

Chris, “Shit tonne of cops. The polizei attend demonstrations with guns, cuffs, pepper-spray, bats, helmets. cameras, and they insist on escorting/surrounding the participants for the entire length of the demonstration. And yes it is illegal for any of us to bring such items.”

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