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This is it!!! Our new home! Well, not “new”. . . yet, but new to us. We closed on this house at 1510 S. Camac Street in South Philly on Friday, Dec. 10th and are just about to begin renovations. It's pretty bad inside, as you can see from the photos below, but we are planning to do a lot of work!!!

Demolition begins this week! Tomorrow we will secure a demo permit and Tuesday we will begin taking the place down. We're planning on removing all the interior walls, fixtures, finishes, and any outdated wiring and electrical equipment. The entire facade of the building is badly bowing, so we're also planning to demolish it and build an entirely new colonial brick front (I know, I know! Two architects can't think of something better than colonial brick!?! Well, we have to think about resale and context. This is an established neighborhood and doing anything funky will likely not fly. Plus, this isn't our forever home and not everyone likes funky. We just want to do a nice rehab.

That little square window in the back of the house is going to get widened to let in more light. Currently it's a 3 foot wide window, but we plan to expand it to be nearly the entire back of the house; a 6'-6" window. Light in a townhome, is hard to come by, and even though we have no neighboring structure on the one side of the house, zoning code prohibits us from placing any windows along that wall. So, our goal is to put as much glass on the front and back as possible!!!We're also going to replace the back door with a frosted glass door similar to the front door.

The ground floor, including the kitchen will remain largely in the same layout as you see here. It's an L-shaped kitchen along the south wall and we're keeping it that way because the door to the yard is too expensive to move. We will, however add a central island with seating for informal meals. There's little counter space and even less cabinet storage, so the island should help with both of those issues.

View from the kitchen looking towards the front of the house.

Check out this backyard! We're going to remove the tree-sized weed growing in the concrete, but all 4' from the wall on the left to the back of the house on the right. . . is ours.

Our stellar kitchen. Gorgeous appliances, lovely cabinets and a wonderful drop ceiling. Maybe we'll keep it just the way it is now. . .

Upstairs we are removing the current bathroom and expanding the second floor to the full extent of the house footprint. Currently the second floor is smaller than the first floor so we'd like to recapture that square footage and create a decent sized second bedroom in the back of the house.

We'll move the bathroom to the middle of the house so the bedrooms have access to natural light. The bathroom will be completely new but, unfortunately, it won't have a window the outside. The master bedroom will remain in the front of the house, but we're going to enlarge it and add a walk-in closet to replace the small 3' closet seen in the right side of this photo.

Powder blue fixtures?! WHO PICKS THIS CRAP!!! And yes, that is an orange biohazard sticker on the toilet. Needless to say. . .this all gets trashed!

This is Camac Street. We're the last house at the dead end.

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