Cool Signs, Fort Worth, Texas, July 19, 2008

by Brian Cofer July. 27, 2008 6200 views

While visiting the family in Dallas, I spent a blazing-hot Texas afternoon in Fort Worth taking sign photos. I drove from Haltom City in the northeast into the east side ‘hood.

We’ll start with the lesser-known fast food clown. This once graced a drive-in a mile or so away, which moved about 10 years ago into a strip mall. I'm glad they took this most excellent sign with them.

I've seen rusted old Wayne feed signs adorning feed store walls across rural Texas. I guess this is where it was made. My quick Wikipedia research tells me that Wayne Feeds was named for its hometown, Fort Wayne, Ind. Parent company Allied Mills was established in 1929 and was bought by Australian company Ridley Inc. in 2000.

I keep hearing that sagging is going out of style, but I keep seeing it.

Hip-Hop Government, according to its website, is a D/FW area organization that's trying to organize and register young, presumably black, folks to vote.

Berry Bowl was demolished a long time ago. Just a field stands behind this forgotten sign. I love how the arrow is made up of bowling pins.

Cut and paste the following link to see an almost-exact sign on a bowling alley in Oklahoma City: []
Obviously the same designer and manufacturer.

Love the starburst. How 50s is that? This sad old specimen of a shopping center is completely abandoned with nothing but empty storefronts. An abandoned Montgomery Wards is across the street. This is about as urban blight as it gets.

Seems like you once saw these Champion signs painted on the sides of auto supply stores everywhere when I was a kid. They seem to be mostly gone now.

Any of you D/FW folks remember Ashburn's Ice Cream and it's companion chain, Polar Bear? As I recall, it really wasn't very good ice cream and had a very icy texture. Maybe that right there explains it. This location on East Rosedale across from Texas Wesleyan has been closed a long, long time.

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