A Walk Up South Grand, St. Louis, Summer 2008

by Brian Cofer August. 16, 2008 2242 views

South Grand is one of the most diverse and interesting streets you'll find in St. Louis or any city for that matter. I decided to start walking up it to chronicle its scenes, something that will take several trips and several postings to do.

Let's start down by my old neighborhood where I lived for five years until June. This is Carondelet Park, not the biggest, but in my opinion the nicest park in St. Louis. Believe it or not, I lived just across the street from the scene you see below.

The pavillion and lake date back to the early 20th century. I've seen old photos of people in rowbots on the lake, which today is a popular fishing spot kept stocked by the Missouri conservation department.

This house was built in 1842.

I peeked through the window, and sure enough, there were tables and chairs for playing cards inside. A pretty nice house for playing pinochle.

Leaving the park, Grand becomes more of a regular street and not the winding park drive that wends through Carondelet.

There's a lot more of this California mission-style architecure than you might think here in St. Louis

This stretch of Grand is lined by very pleasant homes from the ‘20s. Overall, it’s a very agreeable up-and-coming part of St. Louis.

Hopperesque, isn't it?

North of Bates Street, Grand goes a little more downscale. It's still not bad, however.

Definitely St. Louis! Note the nod to the “real” Busch Stadium.

The church above was a United Church of Christ, which like many inner-city churches declined with the white flight. It finally closed a couple of years ago. The sign below indicates that a mosque has moved in, a reflection of the growing multiethnicity of the area.

Love that deco.

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