Shooting Paintings

by Becky D. April. 25, 2009 1845 views []

Maureen doing her thing … This weekend was mostly consumed with the enormous process of taking down all of the paintings in my house, unframing the framed ones, piling them into Melissa's car, unloading them in to Maureen's living room, putting 30 paintings on the easel one by one, as Maureen and I (mostly Maureen) figured out the best way to shoot each one head-on, with accurate color, and no glare (a lot harder than it sounds), then packing them back in to the car, back into the house, back in their frames, and back on the walls … which my roommates had taken over in the meantime …

i like seeing all of my paintings together so i snapped a few shots of the process of gathering my paintings together in order to pack them up by size

the 18x24s

Maureen's other living room, the kitchen

So, I get home from spending about 4 hours straight working with Maureen and Melissa to shoot my paintings, I'm getting picked up for a party in about 10 minutes, I haven't eaten, I haven't changed … and I find Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers above my bed. My roommates ‘replaced’ my paintings with posters from tween magazines, and various other randomness all over the house … I'm very proud of those pranksters, I honestly thought for a sec they were trying to improve on the decor

miley cyrus, next to my bedroom

i'm proud to say someone had to tell me who this is. i finally got most of this down, and got my paintings reframed and back on the walls. i love my friends.

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