Weekend in the Berkshires

by Becky D. July. 04, 2009 3941 views

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Take a look at Maureen's many amazing photos from our weekend on her blog [telephotomo.blogspot.com]- here [telephotomo.blogspot.com]and here [telephotomo.blogspot.com]

Also, the entire beautiful series of Maureen's photos from our weekend are here [maureencotton.com].

Another Fourth of July, another weekend at Aaron's family's house in Copake, NY - way out in the Berkshires. We had a larger crowd this year than last, and much much more food! Lots of photos here … please scroll all the way down to see the whole series.

It was just Aaron, Gwen, Melissa, Brian and I for a while on Friday evening (the 3rd) and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the porch, a sudden rainstorm, an awesome game of Boggle and delicious appetizers. This is Aaron and Mel on the porch, with the sun starting to set behind the tree

This shot doesn't quite do it justice, but for a few minutes, the setting sun cast a subtle hazy light on that distant section of the valley and it really brought out that patch of trees. Trust me, it was heavenly

Looking out the back porch just as the rain was stopping, and the sun was still up on the other side of the trees, casting this amazing golden light just for a few minutes.

mmm clouds

Brian and Gwen. If it weren't for that giant lamp, this shot might have actually been clear. Regardless, they're adorable and I love them

Saturday morning … cool and breezy.

looove this shot - maureen cutting flowers for the kitchen

appetizers at dusk … me, Maureen and Erin digging in on Saturday evening as the sun began to set. Photo by Brian, whose shadow you can see on Erin's sweatshirt … nice touch!

Photo by Brian

Photo by Maureen: a failed, yet fabulous, attempt at getting her little sister Val to pose for the camera

Photo by Maureen (maureencotton.com [maureencotton.com]) - excellent work, Mo

Photo by Maureen

Brian being Brian

Photo by Maureen. Editor's note: all smokables were legal

I should mention that in addition to spending the weekend gaping at the amazing beauty of the valley before us, we also went to the Berkshire Arts Festival. Last year's visit to the Festival was Brian's and my first visit together to an arts festival, which got us started on a long path of open studios and arts markets … remembering way back before I ever considered being a vendor at an arts market, not just a customer

Other Becky and Tim, at dusk. I have to admit, I'm really excited about this shot

Other Becky and Brian. We braved a very cold evening on the porch and kept a sharp eye out on the horizon for fireworks. Once the sun set, we were treated to several amazing distant displays of fireworks all along the horizon - truly inspiring :)

Tim and Becky

This was the last of the photos I took over the weekend. Sunday morning was one of the most beautiful mornings of the summer so far - not a cloud in the sky, warm and breezy. We had a delicious breakfast, packed up, read on the porch for a while and headed back to Boston.

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