Whale Watch!!

by Becky D. July. 25, 2009 2978 views

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I got it in to my head that I had to go on a whale watch, so I finally found a couple of free hours on a weekend and booked tickets for me and Brian. I went on a few back in middle school and had a lot of fun, and it's just something I wanted to do again, so I did. This is Long Wharf.

I've never been on a whale watch leaving from Boston Harbor (last few times we left from Hyannis), so we got to watch our beautiful city get smaller and smaller as we headed east, 35 miles into the Atlantic

bye-bye Boston, hello windy sparkly ocean … we were moving fast, and the breeze and the view were just amazing

spotting our first whale!! now, you have to understand, I'm not exactly a whale person, i don't really get excited about all the sciencey details about their habitat and whatnot, but see the thing is, whales are really incredibly majestically HUGE

Not entirely sure how I feel about invading their personal space, but it was pretty exciting that they were able to get us so close to the whales. (this is between the shoulders of two people who managed to get closer than me)

I love this shot cuz you can see the white underbelly of the whale under the surface of the water. I think they said this is a humpback

Hehe, two couples. I have a handful more photos of whales, but I'll spare you. All too soon, it was time to turn around and head for land …

a decent attempt at taking a photo of ourselves on a very windy, fast-moving boat

Brian and I staked out the perfect spot to watch Boston get bigger and bigger as we headed back. You can't even really make it out in this shot, but Boston is that tiny lump in the horizon, just to the left of the antenna. It was really really windy :)

Brian looks towards home

Boston starts to come in to focus

The Boston skyline, and the Boston Harbor Islands

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