Monks' visit to Sowa

by Becky D. August. 16, 2009 5476 views [] [] []

Our fifth of six Sundays at the Sowa Open Market was very warm, but lots of fun, and the highlight of the day was when Maureen's friends, Brothers Joseph, Giles, Maseo and Labra, came to visit our tent! Maureen is producing a phenomenal documentary on the Little Brothers of Saint Francis on Mission Hill (Ridiculous and Sublime []), and the brothers came to see another one of Maureen's exciting projects: selling photographs at the Sowa Open Market!!

Brother Joseph flips through Maureen's prints

Brother Giles chats with other visitors to the market

Maureen and Brother Joseph chat with an old friend of Maureen's, who also visited our tent

Brother Labra, Brother Joseph and I were looking at the kid with the giant tiger in his stroller

It's amazing how many people we can fit into our little 10x10 home away from home

Maureen (the one in the middle) and four of the Little Brothers of Saint Francis of Mission Hill

Still happy after a long hot day in the sun, chatting with kind strangers about our art.

me and my little corner, with my little battery-operated fan

Brian brought his sister Amy to visit us!!

our beautiful tent!

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