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In the last 2 days, I finished 3 paintings that were all started more than a year ago. Maybe it's because I'm easily distracted, maybe it's because I have a lot of projects, but in many cases, I was just plain stumped! I love painting, but sometimes, I honestly don't know what to do next until one day I figure it out.

I started this painting early in 2008 and finished it yesterday. It's based on a photo I snapped of my cousin Alex. She and her brothers had just arrived in Boston: they were dropping her off for her final semester at BU, and even though they were exhausted from the long drive, they stopped by for a quick cup of tea.

Not sure what it means to revisit this moment long after she's graduated and I've moved away from this apartment, but it's comforting to know that I can say to myself “there's just something about it” as much now as I could then.

Perhaps you can see in this painting the parts that I love that kept me interested in the project, and the parts that had me so frustrated that I didn't know what to do with it for months. Perhaps not.

Lee and Alex
(yes, I know, my room is much cleaner in the painting)

This is a drawing I did of Alex from a photo I snapped on our trip to Cape Cod during her first semester.

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