Madrid - Day 3

by Becky D. May. 29, 2011 1567 views

We went to two museums on our last day in Madrid - the Reina Sofia (the modern art museum) and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, which is much more my speed. This is one of my favorite shots, taken during our walk to the Reina Sofia.

Madrid reflected in glass on the terrace level of the Reina Sofia. Modern architecture is just so painful to my eyes after several days of the older, classical, ornate, embellished style we'd been treated to for the last few days. But I survived.

A vertical garden! This was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. We met up with another member of the family mom lived with (who was in diapers last time mom saw her), and spent the afternoon with her and her beautiful baby daughter, wandering around and eating paella. We saw this on our walk.

The Neptune Fountain near the Prado and our hotel, where we said good-bye to mom's friend. Then we went through the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, including a phenomenal exhibit on Heroines, in two hours. Not nearly enough time (and the only time this week I felt rushed) so I will obviously have to go back.

On the left, this is a bank. A BANK. These people do not mess around. This is Gran Via and Calle del Alcala, where we wandered to after the museum and before our pre-dinner siesta.

The Cibeles Fountain

Did I mention I love fountains? I love the light in the water on this one. Mom and I wandered through this garden while my sister split off for a while to catch one more thing she wanted to see. I wanted to see it too, but we were so exhausted by this point (8pm-ish on our last day)

And then we packed up our things and went home. I was awake for 22 hours the following day.

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