Photography Summertime class, Final Project

by Danika Marting August. 07, 2016 216 views

This summer, I took a summer class for the first time. I really enjoyed this class, it was for Photography and Visual Communication. I learned a lot and I think my photography skills have improved. I am excited to share with you my photos I submitted for my project. We had the option to decide what we were going to photograph and I decided to do landscapes, because they do tend to be my favorite. I went to one of my favorite places, the beach, and took some shots I was proud of. 

An everyday view of mine, the beach closest to me, and I love it, I think it is so beautiful. It was an overcast day, but still beautiful and I loved this photo I captured and turned in for my project

The cliffs near Seascape, pretty trees, and I love this view, one of my favorites, I love photographing trees and landscapes

Love this cliff view, of the houses on top and the staircase leading down to the beach

I loved the lines in this photo, and that one palm tree. For this project I also decided to turn all my images to black and white, I am happy with the results

This was one of my favorites, I loved the way the curved wall made a border in the photo, and just very happy with it overall

Another favorite of mine, the graffiti, the trees, houses and overall composition

Very happy with this photo as well, the one tree, the wall with more graffiti, and the fact the wall had a beach scene on it as well made me drawn to take the image

Another favorite, I loved this photo, I liked the composition, the lines and layers of the photo

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