One with Nature

by Danika Marting September. 23, 2016 607 views

I have always loved being outside, whether it is: at the beach, swimming in the ocean, feeling the fresh air going for a walk, walking the pup, going for a bike ride, enjoying a lake, kayaking, paddle boarding, playing at a park, hiking in a forest, finding new places to go adventure; it never mattered. As long as I was outdoors I was happy, and loved it. My parents always taught me to get outside, not to stay inside all day and waste my time, and I am so thankful. To this day, I continue being outdoors, finding new things to do, and feel the sunshine on my skin. Talking about the sunshine reminds me of one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, Atmosphere. The lyrics go, "Sunshine, sunshine, it's fine, feel it in my skin, warmin' up my mind." These mean so much to me, because I feel that way when I am in the sun, and when I see sunlight, I want to go out and feel it and be in it all day long. Nothing can beat a day of shooting photos and exploring, especially if the alternative is staying inside and watching TV all day. Don't get me wrong, I have those days  I want to just watch movies but the rest of the time I am out exploring an that is all on my mind. Being outdoors just helps me clear my head, and embrace my surroundings and most important of all make me feel thankful of this place I have grown up in and call home.

Seacliff, CA

sunsets, beach and being thankful I call this home, and the fact I can go to the beach everyday

Natural Bridges, CA

sunset chasing in Santa Cruz, with friends, photo adventures are always my favorite

Aptos, CA

amongst the tall trees, forest exploring

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Becky Brannon 3 years ago

Lovely sunsets! I spent time in Santa Cruz years ago visiting a friend, it was the first time I had seen the Pacific, loved it!!!

3 years ago Edited