The sunshine continues

by Danika Marting October. 16, 2016 289 views

Well, fall may have started.. but the weather has remained the same. The sun is out and shining, and I am not complaining! I always love a warm day at the beach. Here are some of my photos I have taken in the last few weeks. Haven't been posting from being busy with school. Hope you enjoy! Includes a mixture of, sunshine, the ocean, day trips, and sunsets, and some sea creatures! 

you may have heard of the fire recently in town near Santa Cruz, the day it broke out the sky filled quickly with smoke. I was at the beach later that evening and this is one of the photographs I took. The fire and smoke also caused the clouds to be orange in the photo. Big smoke clouds were coming from the right side of me. But it was an extremely hot day, the temperature was high 90's!

the night of the fire, I took this photo it was a very vibrant pink sky, but behind the color was lots of smoke

took a sunday fun day with my mom a few weeks ago. We played tourist in our hometown, enjoyed the nice weather walked along the wharf. DId a little shopping, had some lunch and spent time with each other, which always makes a good day. I collaged these two photos I took that day, tons of sea lions making noise below the wharf, and some sailboats on the water

one of the best look out spots in my neighborhood, just a quick walk away I always love catching the sunset. This sky was beautiful!

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