I will always be grateful to call this place home!

by Danika Marting November. 17, 2016 236 views

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the beach. I can always remember just walking down the street and hearing the crashing waves, feeling the sun, and sand in my toes. Also, swimming until I was so cold and pruny I had to get out. But I could always go back the next day! This has never gotten old to me, now 22 years later. I love the beach just as much! I am so appreciative that I grew up here and this is my home. It is such a great and beautiful place. I am a complete beach girl! I love getting outside and doing something new and exciting. I love adventure! Lately I have been really pushing myself to get some daily exercise, this is my view as I do my exercises. So I can't complain! 

The good ole cement ship! It may be in pretty bad condition these days, but this view! I love it, and always will! Look at the sun sparkling on the waters!

Clear skies, amazing clouds and the perfect view. The beach will always be my favorite!

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