Touring my future School!

by Danika Marting February. 20, 2017 653 views

In January besides visiting Disney, I visited my future university. It was very exciting and I had a great time. I explored campus and took a tour, and I loved it. 

As soon as I pulled into the campus I was filled with butterflies, and feeling a sense of being at home. I could within a minute, feel like I was ready to go there and saw it as my future. I right away after the tour, said YES I am going here! I bought myself a t-shirt from the campus store, and took the next steps to accept my offer of admission and sign up for orientation, it's Happening! I can not be more excited, I feel so ready to move and move onto my next chapter in life. I can't wait for this new adventure! 

I did not take this photo, I got it online...because unfortunately when I visited it was rainy and grey skied, but could you imagine being here seeing this sunset? I sure can, I loved the campus! Can't wait to officially live here and go on this adventure

took this the morning before my tour, stopping for breakfast, it was a cute little coffee shop. I anticipated the visit and how I would feel. But walked away so happy and onto Disney to celebrate!

Going to be a dolphin! Which is pretty fitting with my love for the ocean!

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