Enjoying Spring, Finally got some sunshine

by Danika Marting April. 21, 2017 339 views

Just when it seemed like the rain wasn't going to end. It did! We have been getting some beautiful weather, and I am enjoying it. Here are some photos from recent trips down to the beach. Always love having time to relax!

Also, been so busy with school I haven't been shooting photos as much as I'd like. But luckily the semester is coming to an end fast, so I look forward to having more free time, and go shoot more photos!

yes this isn't me at the beach, but in my down time I definitely love to enjoy some wine and relax in this hottub while looking at the lights.

Here is me down at the beach. I always can't wait to get my toes in the water, I love the sunshine!

I always take my favorite little guy with me, and he's as happy as I am down there. He is smiling taking in the sunshine!

always love to make time to sit and watch the waves as well. You can kind of see my tattoos here, and my first has the quote, "always home at the sea" which will always be true

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