IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2016

by Justin October. 13, 2016 263 views

I just finished my last day at the IEEE/RSJ IROS 2016 conference in Daejeon, South Korea, and there were a lot of great robots showcased in the exhibition sections. Here are some of the robot systems that I found the most interesting.

Hyundai's exoskeletons

Hyundai was showing off different versions of their exoskeleton used by both civilians and military.

This little guy was bowing and dancing to showoff its tracking abilities of human motions of various limbs and replaying the motions himself.

I wasn't too sure what these hands were particularly used for but I thought they looked cool.

This funny looking robot was being sold as part of an educational kit for learning robotics. I wouldn't mind having few of these guys in my lab running around. They remind me of a wheeled version of EVE from the film WALL-E.

Not sure what this was supposed to be for but looks like for educational and research purposes on rough terrains.

This robotic arm had a camera at the front facing end of the manipulator to stack the blocks with the QR looking codes on the cubes' faces. This arm was to showcase the accuracy and power of ROBOTIS' Dynamixel servo motors (FYI each servo motor start at 45 USD and can go up to 2800 USD!). They're very high quality servo motors if you're into that.

This social robot was moving around looking like it wanted to give a hug to everyone. Does it remind you of Rosie from the cartoon Jetsons?

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