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by Brett Johnson October. 26, 2019 88 views

I have loved photography for 48 of my 58 years, BUT, digital got boring. The better the cameras got the less I felt that thrill of making an image. So, all my high end digital stuff got sold on eBay, gulp, other than a Oly OMD EM5 II and some glass, just in case. That may go on permanent loan to a friend.

I am now shooting only film, and better still, processing it all myself, B&W, C41 and E6 (the C41 and E6 colour are actually easier than B&W!, but, as much as I love Velvia the 4 bath process with E6 does not amuse my native lazy person, but I persevere - because of the results…

I am shooting 35mm, 645 medium format and about to go large format. Large format and own processing is a little like fly fishing, where catching the fish is almost less important than creating a fly! It's all in the journey, and it suits me. The only thing I have ever been aware of is my lave of "getting there" rather than "being there". Being there is good, but the journey too there is where you learn stuff!

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