VH-TEM Casa 212-200 Survey Aircraft

by Brett Johnson December. 16, 2019 214 views

Now retired, TEM was the fleet flagship for Geoterrex then Fugro Airborne Surveys. Configured for airborne electromagnetic surveys (GeoTEM and Tempest) as well as magnetics, radiometrics and gravity. Another well suited survey plane - good low, slow, stable and maneuverable. Two Garret TPE 331-10 engines gave it the power response (fixed shaft turbine) nice for low level DRAPE flight profiles. Like the Shrike, the Grand Caravan, the Shorts Skyvan there is a common thread in what makes a good survey plane. Three were operated, this one in Australia and two in Canada. Some say it was ugly, but we thought it quite stunning with the poles, the loop and the towed receiver bird! An aircraft with real purpose!

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