Spitfire Gate Guard RAAF Museum Bullcreek

by Brett Johnson December. 27, 2019 152 views

Spitfire Gate Guard RAAF Museum Bullcreek - When a Subject is 500m away from home!

The Museum is home to an original Spitfire, as well as a replica. The original, a Mark 22, PK481, is to be found in our North Wing. It entered service with the RAF on September 3rd, 1945, and served with several squadrons including 611 before being withdrawn from service in 1953. In 1955 the Brighton & Hove branch of the RAF Association in England bought the aircraft and put it on display. It was purchased by the RAAFA in 1959, brought to Australia and mounted on a pylon outside then RAAFA headquarters in Adelaide Terrace, Perth, as a memorial to fallen airmen (See the final photo in the set above).

1970 saw the aircraft moved into storage until 1971 when it was re-mounted at the new site of the RAAFA's headquarters in Bullcreek. It was painted in camouflage colors in 1985 and subsequently moved into the North Wing for display as part of the Museum collection. The replica Mark 16 was mounted in its place and is the first aircraft seen when visiting both the Museum and the Estate.

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