I Must Be Crazy! - The Polaroid SX70 and Spectra Adventures...

by Brett Johnson April. 23, 2020 177 views

So, I worked hard on SX70 Polaroid cleaning, film care, handling, and for about $100 Australian (film cost) I made 16 more rubbish photos. So did I throw the camera away, or at least sell it on eBay, nope. I went to Mint, purchased a new SLR670 kit and a pile of SX70 and 600 film... That would be the illogical thing to do, because maybe that will work, and it is fun learning. Story of my life - it's the journey, not the destination... More to follow, the camera and film arrive in about a week. Back to shooting, developing and scanning film (because that is illogical too when I have a brand new DSLR on my desk)... The thing that really worries me is at 2:00am I have been looking at YouTube videos on Wet Plate Colloidal Photography...

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