Pre Dawn with Olly Olympus

by Brett Johnson August. 26, 2020 199 views

I have been developing a lot of film lately, and got bored doing about 20 rolls in one day. I needed a change, so I picked up my OMD EM1 MKiii. It has around 8 stops of image stabilisation with the 12-100 Zuiko Pro (or whatever it is called) lens, and it is amazing. At 1/8th of a second you can hand hold and get no blur, although the ISO tends to be up a bit so some noise is there in the .jpg files. Being a lazy photographer I took all these sitting in the car (with the heater on, it is winter after all and down to 5 degrees c! (How I ever worked in Northern Canada I have no idea - yes I do, wear enough clothes to be hot and put more on!)... Anyhow, here is some pre dawn images around home...

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Jim Hooker 10 months ago

That's an interesting development and totally illogical!  Haven't noticed it over here but then I rarely go out with a camera, must ask my daughter who never goes out without one, although that will be mirrorless since she switched from SLR's to high end compacts with no apparent loss of quality but a big reduction in the weight she has to carry around.

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Jim Hooker 10 months ago

Very atmospheric shots.

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Brett Johnson Replied to Jim Hooker 10 months ago

Thanks Jim, I have always loved pre dawn, always very evocative! Also less people around to get angry with you having a camera! I have noticed in the last 6 months people being openly hostile to an SLR in a public place (although you can photograph anything with a smartphone)... Must be the effects of the virus and the change in habits for people?

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