Life in Western Australia - Bull Creek

by Brett Johnson September. 06, 2020 207 views

Life in Western Australia - Bull Creek

Camera Sales Make You a Better Photographer… So, not being able to travel out of Western Australia, or Australia for that matter, we have been stuck in our home town/city. Given that all the camping spots we love are full (I don't like camping when there are 500 people around me!) with Western Australians on holiday we have chosen to spend more time at home and do stuff!

Part of doing stuff is selling many of the film cameras I have that I don't love deeply! So the Leica/Contax/Mamiya/Rolleiflex gear stays (actually I am buying more - oops), but the various point and shoots, or run of the mill SLR's are going to be sold on eBay etc! And part of the sale is to clean, service if required, put fresh batteries in them and run a roll of film through them to check! (I think this is cost recovery rather than profit making).

Soooo… how does this make you a better photographer? Well, to me, I love using any camera of any format. My favourite camera is my Mamiya C330S 6x6, why, the lenses, no, the format, no, it is because you must see and set up the photograph in all aspects before it is there! Similarly, 35mm Point and Shoot Cameras are so limited you must think and work around the cameras limitations at all times!

But wait, and this is what I have learned. When I had to shoot 2 - 3 rolls a day for camera tests you have to shoot anything and absolutely everything you can! And that is where you get better photos. To me a good photo is many things, but with the "shoot like crazy" approach you make images that you would normally not make, the ordinary, the urbane (urban too), the day to day, all that stuff!

I am really enjoying this phase "capture everything around me and try to make a nice photo out of something ordinary. 3 cameras a day, 3 rolls of film, I have a triple reel developing tank, so that's easy too! I must admit, I HATE scanning! 8 6x9's is about my limit (I think I have a short attention span) and no matter how careful I am, the biggest dust specs and dog hairs always end up on the negatives! And the thing I almost hate as much as scanning is cleaning up a negative in post! So I do get a pro scan done!

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