Point and Shoot Film Cameras - Is a $75 Olympus Superzoom Better than a Leica M7?

by Brett Johnson October. 18, 2020 150 views

Olympus Superzoom 90, Portra 160, Local, October 2020 - Well, this little $75 25 year old Point and Shoot camera on good film with a good scanner does as well as my $2500 - $7500 Contax/Konica Hexar and Leica Kits! Just amazing. OK, it has limitation compared to the Leica etc due to its Point and Shoot nature, but, wow! Makes you really wonder.

My darling wife and I are car nuts, she has a 13 year old Mazda RX8, I have a 35 year old Porsche 944. (Both cars are not worth much, although the Porsche is starting to appreciate in vaalue, slowly.) The RX8 is a way faster, more precise, better handling sports car, and the airconditioning actually cools you down on a 42 degree c Perth summers day. The Porsche is fantastic, but nowhere as capable as the Mazda, BUT, the Porsche "feels" special, very very special. And the Porsche gets the smiling nods, thumbs up and grins, the Mazda not a reaction! Although I don't get off on status, or grins and nods the less capable car is special. And I am sure the same applies to cameras. The olly is 98% as capable as the Leica at 1/100th the price, go figure!

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Berckmans Peter 9 months, 1 week ago

You used a very good film here. The Portra is suberp. And leica is heavely overprised

9 months, 1 week ago Edited
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