Fast Eddy's Family Dinner 1998

by Brett Johnson January. 02, 2021 168 views

I have just begun the great 44,000 image sort. Many from the early days of digital, through to modern digital and now back in to film. Trying to group into little stories. Here is me, my darling and the kids, 1998, at "Fast Eddy's Café" Perth. Gee, everyone is younger than now (the kids are men, one is a Dad, I am getting to be old and maybe wise, and, Laurel is still beautiful, wise, clever, highly intelligent - I still am amazed and deeply humbled that she chose me!).

This project of sorting the photos is going to be full of emotions (especially when I get to some of my puppy dogs that are no longer here), but, I can't find anything, so it needs to b e done, now! A few thoughts as I have a look through 1. Why did I embrace digital rather than keep and use my SLR's with nice primes and put up with film, I suppose I just loved tech and the promise of digital, but I now have a lot of crappy photos to show for it. 2. Why did I take thousands of digital shots when I could have taken less photos and worried about being a photographer, applying what was taught to me in High School photography in 1977 and 1978? (The answer is probably the same as 1.!) There is the other question about the photos I did not take, and that is a way more serious question, there are huge holes when I had no camera with me so 40 years later I can't even remember the story to tell... If I was to write a letter/memo/email/text to my 18 year old self it would be - Buy a rangefinder with 3 prime lenses, a light weight flash, and wear it around your neck, or, at least have it with you every day, and take photographs. That's it!

In saying that we just then found a box of negatives from 1979 to 1994, oh dear, time on the scanner, I hate scanning, but I am keen to see those moments in time.

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