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by Mateusz Oles January. 31, 2020 155 views

Few days ago I have posted my first picture to the one of the photography group on Facebook. I have mentioned in the post how members of this group reacted to my picture. One day later another member posted a long comment which surprised me. You can find it below.

Ok let’s do some actual constructive criticism.
From a freelance photography standpoint, if this is an image you wish to sell or advertise your skills you can see your potential. Lines are straight. Use of the rules of thirds is good. The part of the image you wanted in focus is ACTUALLY IN FOCUS. Shows you took the time to angle the shot. However it’s not something everyday people would hang on their wall, it’s not “pretty”. But editing, turn to black and white and really upping the clarity would give the image a grunge look, which could potentially become appealing to the everyday eye.
From a fine art photography stand point this image is fantastic, especially if those numbers, that painted black wall and graffiti signify something. The peaks of an old cathedral amongst the city scape and industrial piping juxtapose nicely. The choice of foreground focus matches the low height of the image making you want to look over and see what’s behind; but just as the wall is stopping you from seeing the view, the focus is too, forever making the viewer wonder what could be! Ultimately aggravating most spectators which would be a perfect metaphor for the struggles of “dirty” city life.
Pretentious I know but I went to uni and they train us to talk like that haha

The comment above gave me idea how I can "improve" my picture and make is more interesting for more people. I have cropped it and made black and white adding more shadow and contrast. I think the result is satisfying, at least for me it is. It's really nice feeling when you know there are some people who try to support you and give valuable advices. Thank you, I appreciate this and see this what I'm doing make sense.

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