by Attila Bekker December. 14, 2007 865 views

I had a few hours to kill when the conference was finished, found some diamonds for Judit, some present for Eniko, it was time to check out the aquarium of Antwerp, called Aquatopia.
It is a cool place, with poison arrow frogs in different colors, which are actually not poisonous at all, because they don't have the same diet as in the jungle. I was able to stare right into the eyes of a piranha on the other side of the glass, it was scary as hell.
I saw the funniest turtle ever, and there was a cute little fish with beady eyes who seemed to be very interested in me, but whenever I wanted to have a closer look she swam away. Unfortunately my phone was not enough to take a good picture, next year I will bring a proper camera.
Walking through a room of iguanas was also quite scary, there was no fence or anything, they were sitting on the tree and did not appear to be too happy about me passing by.
There is also a restaurant with sharks and other huge fishes swimming on the other side of the glass, very unconventional.

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