by Attila Bekker May. 11, 2008 1835 views

We drove to the city of Gruyère today, to visit one of the factories [] producing the famous Gruyère cheese. The museum itself is very small, it takes half an hour to read the presentation of the cheese making process, and listen to the audio commentary. The visitors can also peek into the real factory, which is a bit more interesting. The best part is the cheese robot, slowly rolling through the endless shelves of cheese in the cellar, taking each one, turning it over, scrubbing it, and putting it back on the shelf.
We learned that a cow eats 100kg of grass, herbs and flowers every day, and drinks 85 liters of water. The result is 25 liters of milk. During each year, 330 million kg milk is processed into 27500 tons of Gruyère cheese. 2/3 of that is consumed in Switzerland. No kidding, and that is not the only type of cheese people eat around here.

After learning the secrets of cheese making and visiting the gift shop, we walked up to the beautiful medieval city of Gruyère. There is a nice castle, and countless restaurants and small hotels, surrounded by green hills and high mountains.
The city hosts the museum [] of H. R. Giger, creator of the life forms in the movie Alien. We did not wander in, because I did not want my daughter to have nightmares, but I will surely return and visit it later this year. We checked out the bar next to the museum, where people can have a beer (or a delicious alien coffee), feeling they are in the breeding chamber of the alien queen. Creepy stuff, but another place to return to later.

When we returned to the main square, there were a dozen old Rovers being parked next to each other. Ambassadors of the late glory of British car making. Who would have thought back then that a few decades later it will all be owned by the Chinese?

We returned to our car next to the cheese museum, there was another car club gathering, proud owners of American muscle cars were parking their vehicles into the parking lot. Firebirds, Corvettes, Trans-AMs, the sound of the V8 filled the air, before their owners walked into the restaurant to have some fondue.

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