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My friend Szeg has arrived from Hungary, and early Friday morning we hit the road with Nuno And Tiago to Jonschwil to see some of the biggest metal bands performing on the same stage. As a matter of fact there were two stages next to each other, a brilliant concept. While one band was playing, the other stage was being prepared for the following performance, so there was only 5-10 minutes between bands.

To make the event truly unforgettable, there had been some serious rain in that region. The stages were situated in the field between two small villages, and the entire area was covered with a deep layer of mud. At the beginning we did our best to avoid the muddy areas, but it was getting worse as we got closer to the gates. We had to realize that we were about to get dirty anyway, and just stopped caring. Every step became a risk of losing our shoes, but after a few meters of swamp walking it became funny, and having a few beers also helped.

Unfortunately we missed Anthrax, and joined the crowd in front of the stages while Bullet for my Valentine was playing. We went to the closed area in front of the smaller stage, and fought our way to the fence in the middle, very close to both stages. The sound was excellent, loud and clear. The rain stopped, and we actually had sunshine and warm weather while standing in the mud. We watched Alice in Chains, Stone Sour and then finally Slayer. I have never seen them live before, it was huge. They played the songs I used to listen to a lot, Dead Skin Mask, South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Angel of Death, Mandatory Suicide and so on. Then came Megadeth and Motörhead, bands I had the privilege of seeing before. The crowd was getting denser while Rise Against was playing, everybody was waiting for Metallica to appear. They played a full two hours, did a much better show than a month ago in Budapest, playing a lot of their old songs. Whiplash, Seek and Destroy, Creeping Death, Fight Fire with Fire, Ride the Lightning, and so on.

Then it was time for Volbeat, a band I have really started to like recently. They made fun of the fact of having supporting bands like Metallica playing before them, and it was clear that they were very excited about playing in front of such a crowd. At the end they even started playing Raining Blood, too bad it was just the first riffs, I was looking forward to hear it with the Elvis voice.

By then it was after 1 AM, we spent about 12 hours standing in the mud, with no possibility to sit down or lean on something, let alone eating, drinking or going to the toilets. There were still 5 hours of performances, but we decided to start making our ways back to the car. It was literally making our way, the mud became deeper and stickier, and it was very dark. We saw a car with a caravan, with a bunch of guys holding onto the bike rack in the end, being pulled in the mud and singing ‘Surfing U.S.A.’, it was hilarious. It took more than an hour to get back to the parking lot, and a bit more to get ourselves clean enough to sit in the car. There was quite a chaos in the parking lot as well, a lot of cars were stuck in the mud and pulled out by tractors. Fortunately the all wheel drive made a difference, and we were on our way home without difficulties.

After a long shower and good sleep we went up to the car wash station and used the high pressure water sprayers to clean our shoes. It took quite some time until the water coming out was not brown anymore, but at the end we managed to get them looking like shoes again. The memory of the mud already faded into some sort of romantic setting, adding a special touch to the great concert.

Photo by Szeg

Photo by Szeg

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