by Attila Bekker September. 14, 2010 1411 views

It has been a big dilemma all year to find the venue for Enikö's 6th birthday. She has a lot of classmates and a bunch of Hungarian friends, so holding the event in our apartment was not suitable anymore.

We went to the lakeside Pizza Taxi restaurant a few weeks ago, and by chance saw the sign that they are organizing birthday parties. The restaurant is normally closed in the afternoon, so the kids had the entire place for themselves. I did not know that there is a system of caves in the back with playing rooms, it was really perfect. There was a lot of running around and plenty of noise, but nobody was disturbed.

Furthermore, the event also included a pizza making session, where the children could prepare their own pizza under the supervision of a professional. They were stretching the dough, applying the cheese, and selecting their own toppings, such as ham, mushrooms, prawns, egg and so on. They enjoyed it a lot, and it was fun to watch them.

The restaurant served pizza to all guests, the ones made by the kids were put in boxes so they could take them home. Judit made a lovely two-storey birthday cake, which was also a great success. Enikö got plenty of nice presents, and everybody went home very happy.

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