by Attila Bekker December. 13, 2010 836 views

In the morning I picked up the price I won on the tombola at the Nestlé Christmas party. The event was held in the Petite Palace in Montreux last Thursday. After a few drinks and a truly excellent dinner, we had such an important discussion at the table that I did not notice that my name was repeatedly called by a top executive of the company. At the end the person sitting next to me raised my attention and suggested that I should hurry to the stage. I did, and following a handshake I was presented with a certificate that I was the lucky winner of the 9th price of the tombola, and my price was a magnum of champagne.

Although I prefer champagne to wine, I would be the first to admit that I am not a champagne expert. I had no clue what magnum of champagne meant, I guessed that a champagne flavored Magnum ice cream is unlikely to be the price on a Nestlé event, not only because it is a competitor product. Apparently Swiss and French people are a lot more knowledgeable in this topic, I bet they learn champagne bottle sizes about the same age when they learn calendar months, so shortly I was educated that magnum indicates a 1.5 liter bottle. Above magnum there are Jeroboam (3 l), Methuselah (6 l), Salmanazar (9 l), Balthazar (12 l) and a few other easy-to-remember Biblical names.

The champagne itself is very impressive, it will certainly add to our New Year's Eve celebration this year. It has been produced in Aÿ, the historic centre of champagne production in Reims, including a winery which originally belonged to King Francis I of France.

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